Thursday, 11 December 2008

Holy Cow (Thursday 27th November , 2008)

I'm pretty glad I didn't fly into Mumbai last night. Or stay at the Taj Mahal.
Instead we arrived in Mysore just as the sun went down - and the power went off. Luckily for us we could only see our new flat by candlelight. We spent an entire evening blissfully unaware of our landlord's frisky interior design sense, strolled to a restaurant, ate some curry and finally passed out as a pack of stray dogs howled us to sleep. I think they were singing "welcome to India" in Hindi, doggy-style.
This morning, in the cold light of day, we discovered that our landlord Suresh has an unusually brave sense of colour. As you can see the walls are a stylish melange of vivid orange, candy pink, sunshine yellow with a flash of lime green cornicing. The furniture is wrapped in durable plastic sheets. The kitchen, he says, isn't ready yet - maybe tomorrow, or next day. This is because of “climate problem“. In other words: there was some light rain yesterday. Welcome to India!

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